Why You Should Consider A Swimming Pool Heater

Why You Should Consider A Swimming Pool Heater

When you live in a more moderate climate, a swimming pool heater might not seem like the best investment.

However, a pool heater is actually more beneficial than you might think. While they’re not for everyone, they’re definitely worth looking into.

For people who use their pools all the time, the right heater may just make you love your pool even more.

Outdoor Temperatures Won’t Matter

In Honolulu, Hawaii, temperatures don’t fluctuate that much. However, the idea swimming pool temperature is usually around 80 degrees. For kids and seniors, 80 degrees or slightly warmer is even better. With nighttime temperatures that dip into the 60s, a swimming pool heater ensures the water is never too cold.

If you’re someone who prefers a late night or early morning swim, a heater will keep your pool comfortable no matter what time of day you use it. 

Use Your Pool More Often

If you tend to work in the afternoons and evenings, you’re probably not getting as much use out of your pool as you could. After all, your main free time would be on weekends. 

However, with a swimming pool heater, the water will always feel just right, even if the only time you have to swim is around the same time your pool’s water cools off. Relax yourself after a long day by jumping into a warm swimming pool, even if the air around you is just in the 60s.

Plus, this will help you reap even more of the health benefits that come from swimming. A more comfortable water temperature means you’ll get in far more healthy cardio without so much strain on your joints.

Avoid The Cold Shock

While slipping into cooler pool water will definitely wake you up, it can also hurt stiff joints and even worsen any respiratory issues. Extremely cold water isn’t much of an issue in Hawaii, but water that’s 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the ideal temperature can be a shock to the body.

It’s important to remember that just because the air around you is warmer, this won’t mean your pool water is the same temperature. An air temperature of 80 degrees means you pool’s water is likely cooler. Jumping into water that’s colder than the air around you always shocks your system.

Instead of a shock, a swimming pool heater ensures you step into a perfect temperature every time. No shock means you’re likely to swim more often.

Warm Water Is Healthier

Warmer water is healthier for you when it comes to swimming. Swimming laps in warmer water can help relax your muscles and joints. It also aids with circulation.

If you’re looking for a way to make your pool healthier for you and your family, increasing the water temperature with a swimming pool heater can help. 

Enjoy Cost-Efficient Options

The first thing you might worry about is the cost. This includes the cost of running the heater and buying it. However, there are much more cost-efficient options than there used to be. 

In terms of running the heater, the cheapest option is a solar heater. You won’t have to worry about energy costs at all. However, these are often more expensive initially.

Another benefit is you won’t need to run the heater all the time. Since temperatures are more moderate in Honolulu, you’ll usually only run the heater late at night and early in the morning. This further decreases the costs. 

Gas-powered, heat pumps and solar heaters are your main options. Each has their own benefits. It’s a good idea to compare the installation, maintenance and running costs of different systems before installing anything. 

Remember, the best way to get more use out of your pool all year long is to keep it properly maintained and clean. Enjoy your pool more without constant cleaning by contacting us today to handle the cleaning for you.

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