Simple Tips To Save Money On Your Pool

Simple Tips To Save Money On Your Pool

Having your own pool is great, but the costs of pool ownership can add up quickly. That’s why you have to find simple ways to save money on your pool.

Making the right investments early on can actually save you money over time. Plus, it can help your pool last longer too.

The good news is all of the following tips are easy to implement. You may actually already be doing a few of them.

Use A Pool Cover

A pool cover isn’t just a safety feature, but it helps you save money on your pool. Your cover helps drastically reduce evaporation, leading to less water usage. 

Plus, your pool cover catches a lot of debris that could be in your pool water. Reducing contaminants cuts down on the chemicals you have to use to balance the water. Plus, it reduces how often you have to clean the pool. It also limits how hard your filter needs to run to keep things cleaner. 

Use A Robotic Pool Cleaner

A robotic pool cleaner might not seem like a great way to save money since they cost more. However, these collect dirt and debris without putting a strain on your pool filter.

Plus, they tend to keep your pool cleaner overall. This helps you maintain your chemical balance easier. You also save time on manual cleaning. If you hate cleaning the pool, you might not do it as often as you should. A robotic pool cleaner lets you clean the pool more regularly.

Clean The Pool Regularly

Basic pool maintenance goes a long way to help you save money on your pool. Without cleaning your pool regularly, you’ll have dirtier water and need to use more chemicals and shock treatments. Your filter also tends to work harder.

Regularly cleaning is also easier on your pool plaster. Deeper cleaning, such as acid washing, erodes your plaster faster, leading to costly cracks and even the need to replaster the pool.

Install A Variable Speed Pump

Your pool pump doesn’t always need to run at full speed. Installing a variable speed pump allows you to adjust the speed based on your needs. For instance, running it on a lower speed on days when you’re not using the pool can reduce energy costs.

Not only do you save on energy, but this allows your pump to last longer. Test different speeds to see what works best for your pool.

Maintain The Chemical Balance

A large part of maintaining your pool is checking and adjusting the chemical balance. Maintaining the balance increases the life of your pool and filter. 

As algae builds up, it can damage your pool. Plus, no one wants to swim in a dirty pool. Testing the water regularly helps you maintain the balance without needing to use more costly cleaning and balancing treatments.

You can save money on chemicals by doing some simple comparison shopping. If you have the space to store it, consider buying your most often used chemicals in bulk to save a little more. 

Limit When Your Pool Filter Runs

If you run your pool filter all the time, you’re likely wasting money. One of the easiest ways to save money on your pool is to limit when your filter runs. 

Not only can you base this on your pool usage, but you should check with your electric company to see if there are any special times of the day or night when rates are cheaper. For instance, Hawaiian Electric offers Time Of Use rates where 9 AM to 5 PM is over four times cheaper than the 5 PM to 10 PM rate. 

Running your filter during off-peak times helps you reduce your energy costs while still maintaining a clean, sparkling pool. 

Maintaining your pool is a great way to save money. If you don’t have the time or would rather spend more time enjoying your pool than cleaning it, contact Koko Head Pool Service to set up a regular cleaning schedule today.

Image: Michael Longmire

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