Pool Finishes That Last Longer Than Plaster

Pool Finishes That Last Longer Than Plaster

While many pools use pool plaster, that’s far from the only option. In fact, there are a variety of pool finishes, many of which last longer than plaster.

Plaster is a popular choice because it’s cheaper, easy to install and looks great in any pool.

However, choosing something different may make your pool look even better, resist staining and show off your personality more.

Tile Pool Finishes

Tile pool finishes are some of the most durable you could ask for. Of course, durable also comes with a much higher price tag. However, you have several main options to choose from, along with most any shape, color, size and style you could want.

If you’re looking for a truly custom pool finish, you can’t go wrong with tile. Plus, it’s very rare that you need to replace anything. All you have to do is basic maintenance. With tile, you get the longest-lasting pool finish possible. Since the tiles have to be placed by hand, it does take longer to install a tile pool than plaster.

When choosing the right tile for you, you can choose between:

  • Glass – Glass won’t stain or erode. It also makes your pool sparkle due to its reflective nature. These are some of the easiest to keep clean.
  • Stone – Stone includes finishes like marble and granite. They work with almost any pool type, including natural pools.
  • Ceramic – Ceramic is one of the lower-priced tile pool finishes. These tiles are also incredibly easy to customize with various patterns and colors.
  • Porcelain – Porcelain is also another less expensive tile that’s much like ceramic.

If you’re looking to save money, but drastically extend your pool finish’s life, opt for ceramic or porcelain. They won’t repeal stains as much as glass, but are more budget-friendly.

Aggregate (Plaster Mix)

Aggregate pool finishes are less expensive than tile. They also stick with plaster, but mix in glass beads, quartz, river stones, granite or similar materials.

Since it’s not pure plaster, it’s more resistant to standard wear and tear. It’s stronger against chemicals and doesn’t stain as easily. So, you won’t wear down the finish as quickly trying to scrub away stains.

These finishes offer a great way to customize your pool and extend the finish’s lifespan. In fact, you can go from the usual 5-7 years of plaster alone to 20 years or more with aggregate. These can take a while to install, but the final look is well worth it.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a type of aggregate pool finish that leaves some of the mixed in materials exposed. Since the material is exposed, they typically use a smooth material, such as glass beads or pebbles to provide traction in your pool without hurting your skin.

Once installed, the top layer is removed using a power wash. This exposes the materials mixed in to provide the exposed portion.

As one downside, these can be a little more difficult to clean as you’re scrubbing a more textured surface. However, it’s doesn’t take too much longer, especially with regular cleanings.

Polished Aggregate

Polished aggregate pool finishes are the exact opposite of exposed aggregate. These finishes typically use very finely crushed stone. They’re easy to customize by picking the colored stones you want to create the overall color or theme you’re looking for.

Instead of a power wash, the surface is carefully polished to make it shine. Plus, this creates a perfectly smooth finish. As you might expect, this makes the finish much easier to clean.

Is The Cost Worth It?

This is a common question. With plaster pool finishes being so popular and cost-effective, is it really worth it to spend more on a different type of finish? The decision is up to you.

With plaster, you will start to notice issues within 5-7 years. This means spending money on patch jobs and eventually having to re-plaster your pool.

Aggregate finishes are more expensive, but offer a balance between plaster and tile cost-wise. And, you can more than double the lifespan without patches and extra maintenance.

Naturally, you’ll save even more money over time by opting for tile. These are much lower maintenance, even as your pool ages.

No matter what type of pool finish you have, Koko Head Pool Service is here to help you keep it clean and sparkling all year. Contact us today for your quote.

Image: Jubéo Hernandez

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