Simple Pool Repairs You Can Do On Your Own

5 Simple Pool Repairs You Can Do On Your Own

Outside of general pool maintenance, you’ll need to deal with pool repairs from time to time.

You have two options – call a professional or try to tackle the project yourself. The good news is with some simpler repairs, you may be able to handle it on your own.

Obviously, if you don’t feel comfortable repairing your pool or aren’t sure how to do it, call a professional. Otherwise, grab some tools and repair your pool.

1. Dealing With Cracks

Small cracks are one of the simpler pool repairs to take care of. While any kits you get may say you can patch the crack underwater, it’s usually best to drain the pool enough to have a dry place to work. This makes it easier for you and can help the patch last longer. 

Instead of just buying supplies on their own, buy a repair kit that matches the type of pool lining you have. You’ll find kits for plaster, vinyl and fiberglass. These include everything you need and detailed instructions on how to use them. 

For specialty pools, it’s usually better to contact a professional to handle the repairs. 

2. Fixing A Pool Filter

In some cases, all you need is a pool filter cleaner to fix a problematic pool filter. The cleaner helps eliminate clogs caused by minerals and oils. 

Of course, it’s not always that easy. Still, it can be one of the easier pool repairs. Always turn off the filter before working on it. The most common problems are loose connections, which can cause leaking. Tightening connections and/or replacing an O-ring is a simple fix.

3. Pool Cleaner Issues

Pool cleaners make your job easier, until they don’t work correctly. However, the problem is usually one of the following:

  • Leak in the hose
  • A clog
  • Loose belts or wheels

If you suspect a leak, watch the hose carefully for any bubbles. If you’re not certain, check for a clog. This can occur in the hose or around the basket of the cleaner. 

For robotic cleaners, loose belts are a common problem. If the cleaner is losing traction easily, check for any loose connections around the wheels and the belts. Use the owner’s manual to determine how to take the cleaner apart safely and replace parts.

4. Repairing Lights

It’s always important to turn off electricity to your pool before trying to repair your pool lights. Otherwise, water can get in and you may get shocked. 

With pool lights, the repairs aren’t usually too complicated. It may just be a bulb that’s gone out. If you replace the bulb and you still don’t have any light, you have an electrical problem, which will require a professional to handle.

If you notice water in the casing around the bulb, you’ll need to replace both the gasket and the bulb. The water can damage the bulb, so it’s a good idea to replace both at the same time.

5. Handling Skimmer Leaks

Skimmer issues are common, but also one of the easier pool repairs. You can find most of the parts without a problem. Skimmer problems usually involve leaking water or air.

For air issues, the skimmer weir might have gotten stuck, which blocks water from flowing through. Or, your water level might be too low. If it’s the latter, that’s an even easier fix.

For water leak problems, repairs are a little harder. You may need epoxy putty to patch the leak. If the leak is around the vinyl lining, you’ll need to replace the skimmer’s face plate and the gasket sealing it.

Preparing For Pool Repairs

No matter which pool repairs you do yourself, always do you research before attempting any repair. Watch YouTube videos, read instructions in your equipment’s owner’s manual, pay close attention to instructions on repair kits and turn off power to your pool when working on any electrical equipment. 

If you ever feel like you’re not sure what’s wrong or things get worse after the repair, contact a professional. 

Proper pool maintenance helps reduce the need for many pool repairs. Hate cleaning your pool? Let Koko Head Pool Service do it for you.

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