The Most Costly Pool Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

The Most Costly Pool Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

One of the easiest ways to save money on your pool is with proper maintenance. However, pool maintenance mistakes may actually increase your costs.

Usually, these mistakes are simple. But, the damage they cause over time adds up.

A little extra care with your maintenance can save you on costly repairs later. Plus, it’ll help your pool last much longer.

Skipping Cleaning The Entire Pool

You know you have to clean the pool regularly. This keeps the water clear and safer. However, if you’re busy, it’s easy to skip some parts. For instance, you might just clean the bottom since that’s where dirt and debris settle. 

The problem is algae builds up quickly on the sides and steps of your pool. In fact, some kinds can spread in as little as a day if left unchecked. This can lead to more frequent shock treatments and even the need for an acid wash. 

If you acid wash your pool too often, it can destroy the plaster, leading to costly replastering.

Using the Wrong Chemicals

Maintaining your pool’s chemistry might feel more like a science experiment than pool maintenance. Just like with a science experiment, if you do it wrong, it might not end well. It’s also one of the more costly pool maintenance mistakes.

The wrong chemical balance can lead to premature wear and tear on your pool’s plaster. It can cause cracks and leaks. Of course, it’s also bad for your health when you’re swimming.

Finding the right balance means using test kits at least once a week. It’s also a good idea to visit your local pool shop to have them test your water. They can tell you what types of chemicals to use for best results.

Leaving The Pump Off

Yes, turning the pump off does save you money on electricity. The issue is if you don’t run your pool’s pump enough each day, your water doesn’t circulate well. This leads to excessive algae growth.

Of course, that can lead to damage to your pool. Not to mention, you’ll spend a lot more time trying to keep it clean. 

Ideally, run your pump at least eight hours or more every day. You can even run it twice a day for four hours or so each time to ensure more even circulation throughout the day.

Ignoring Your Filter

Think of your pool’s filter like your car’s air and oil filters. When those get too dirty, it causes the engine to work harder, resulting in more wear and tear on your vehicle. It can even damage the engine, leading to costly repairs.

The same is true with your pool’s filter. When your pool’s water is clean, you might assume the filter is too. Skipping cleaning and/or replacing is one of the most common pool maintenance mistakes.

If you wait until you start to notice issues, your pool equipment is already working harder than it needs to be. This means extra energy usage and higher electricity bills. It can also damage the equipment, leading to costly replacements. 

Avoid this by checking your filter at least once a month. If you notice any murky water, check it more often. Clean the filter thoroughly and replace when needed.

Not Maintaining The Water Level

Your pool’s water level should never go below the skimmer. When it does, your water isn’t circulating properly. In fact, it may not circulate through the pump at all, causing it to burn out. You definitely don’t want to replace your pump any more often than necessary.

Keep an eye on the water level and refill when needed. If you’ll be out of town, hire a pool maintenance service to maintain the pool or slightly overfill it to ensure evaporation doesn’t drop the water level too low.

While simple pool maintenance mistakes can add up, they don’t have to. Stick to a regular maintenance schedule and contact us to help with the time-consuming cleaning. 

Image: Fernando Torres

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