Here’s What You Need to Know Before Your Young Child’s First Day at the Pool

When it’s time to take your child to the pool for the first time, you need to have a plan. Teaching kids how to be safe near the water is the first step in their journey to a love of pool time. Here are a few other things to go over with your child.

The Approach

Feel free to get excited when pool time arrives, and share that excitement with your child so they will see the water as a fun place to be. Introduce your child to the water at a pace that works for them. If you’re holding your child, tell them as you enter the pool that the water will be rising. They’ll be prepared and less likely to panic. Let your child take the lead when it comes to the water. Just make sure to have fun and show your child ways that they can do the same in the water. This will help them get used to it faster.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Swimming is a great form of exercise for kids and adults. However, you need to be diligent when supervising a child in the water. Kids need to know not to run around the pool, and they should be advised not to attempt a dive in shallow water. Make sure to offer your child the opportunity to take potty breaks often so that they don’t forget while enjoying the water. More than anything, keep your eyes on your child. You need active supervision over passive supervision. Active supervision requires your focus to be on your child and not anything else while they are in or near the water.

Keep Your Child Hydrated

Being in or near water can deceive kids into thinking they aren’t thirsty. However, swimming in an outdoor pool in hot weather is a fast way to get dehydrated. Make sure you bring drinks and that you remind your child to step out of the pool and hydrate often. Most kids don’t realize how hot they are getting until they are out of the pool for a bit. It’s important to keep a child from waiting too long so that they won’t suffer any adverse reactions to the heat due to lack of water. Even packing popsicles for a trip to the pool is helpful. Kids won’t complain about a sweet treat that also keeps them hydrated.

Taking your child to the pool can be a fun activity for both of you, but it’s important to plan ahead so you can make sure everyone is safe and happy. Planning ahead will help you to better enjoy a great first outing to the pool with your child. Do everything you can to prepare, and you will create fond memories for your entire family.

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